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Opinion: The IRS is doing the best it can

s a former Internal Revenue Service employee who has seen firsthand how the lack of funding and the seemingly endless additional tasks foisted on it has crushed the agency, I am furious at the Feb. 23 editorial “The IRS is broken,” which included a cheap shot at IRS Commissioner Charles P. Rettig, who has worked tirelessly to try to get the additional funding needed to allow the IRS to provide quality service.

That he is a “Trump administration appointee” is irrelevant. Not every person appointed by the former president is incompetent. All the current employees I know are proud to work for one of the best commissioners the agency has ever had.

Republicans deserve all of the blame for the current situation. They have been starving the agency of funding for years because their rich donors do not want to risk having their tax-avoidance schemes uncovered.

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