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Masters Tax & Insurance Solutions (or “we”), is a company that values ​​its clients and users of its website, we are committed to protecting your privacy. As part of our commitment, we develop this privacy policy that informs our clients and users how we will treat their personal data information collected through our website or by telephone contact.


 Who is covered by this privacy policy?


This privacy policy applies to personal and business information we collect when we provide tax preparation services and other products and services to current and former clients of Masters Tax & Insurance Solutions.


Categories of information we may collect


We collect various information about you, your spouse, your dependents, your business and other persons (for example, employees involved in providing services for businesses) in order to provide services to you. This information may include:


  • Contact information (e.g. name and email address)

  • Dates of birth

  • Social Security numbers and other government identification numbers (for example, EIN and ITIN)

  • Financial information (e.g., income, rent, assets, credits, deductions, and expenses)

  • Payment data (e.g., checking, debit, and credit account numbers and balances, and payment history)

  • Payroll information (related to business services)

  • Demographic information.


We collect this information from the following sources and categories:

Information You Provide Voluntarily. If you choose not to provide certain information that we request, we may not be able to assist you as our services may be based on this information.


Information relating to transactions you complete or propose to complete with us

Information from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), among other government entities.


Information we receive when you request services or information from us, when you participate in contests or sweepstakes, or complete surveys or opinion polls.




How we may use or disclose information about you


Our use and disclosure of your information is controlled by various laws, regulations and other legal requirements, as well as our internal policies. We may use or disclose the information we collect, subject to the terms of this privacy policy and in accordance with applicable laws. The examples contained in this notice are illustrative; They are not intended to be exclusive.


Where  required by law, we may use or disclose your information for the purposes of our normal business operations. For example, this could include assigning you a unique identifier or making disclosures to the IRS.


  •  We do not sell or rent your information to direct or non-company marketers.


  • We retain your information in accordance with our document retention policies, applicable laws and to the extent necessary.


  • All information is recorded and saved in our database, all records provided by clients, users or their representative will be destroyed or eliminated upon request to the corporate email


How we protect your information


We maintain physical, electronic and administrative policies and procedures designed to restrict access to your information. These include programs and specifications for physical security and records retention and disposal; computer and communications security measures that are reflected in data management practices, password protection and system design; and other measures to restrict access to data we retain in physical and electronic forms.


We reserve the right to change this privacy notice and any of the policies described in this notice at any time, in accordance with applicable laws. If we make a material change to this notice, we will notify you using one of the following methods: (1) We will post a notice on our website describing the change; or (2) we will hand deliver or mail or email you a message to notify you of the change.

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