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Financial Information: IRS, Letter 6475, Plus-Up Payments, Child Tax Credit

The IRS offers various financial aid, such as credits and more, that you can request through your tax return. To continue; the details

The United States is in the midst of tax season. Every individual or business must report their income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) through their tax return. The deadline to complete the process is April 18, with the exception of taxpayers residing in Maine and Massachusetts. In these states, the date is moved by one day, that is, April 19, for the celebration of Patriots' Day. In addition to reporting your taxes to the tax office, your tax return can also be used to claim some tax credits. A clear example of this is the child tax credit or the dependent care tax credit. The credit for children offers you payments of up to $3,000 or $3,600 for each child, depending on their age. If you were a beneficiary of the monthly payments that were distributed in 2021, you will have to claim the rest of the payment, or request the full amount, through your tax return.

To do this, the government agency will send you letter 6419. This informs eligible taxpayers of the exact amount they received in 2021, as well as the amount they must request in 2022. As for the child care credit, the IRS offers up to $8,000 for one dependent or $16,000 for two or more. This money is intended exclusively for working parents who have childcare expenses. Through your declaration, you can also claim the third stimulus check if the payment was incomplete in 2021, if your income changed or if you added a new dependent to your family in 2021.

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