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IRS: April 18, due date to pay taxes; will there be an extension?

The IRS reminds people who make estimated tax payments, as well as the self-employed, retirees, investors, businesses, corporations, and others, that the first payment 2022 Quarterly is due Monday, April 18, 2022.

On January 24, the Internal Revenue Service began accepting and processing income tax returns and set the deadline for next Monday, April 18.

Taxpayers are reminded that income taxes are paid as earned. This means that, by law, taxes must be paid when income is earned or received during the year. Most people pay their taxes by withholding from their paychecks, pension payments, Social Security benefits, or certain government payments including unemployment compensation. On the same site, digital forms and informative publications are provided to guide the user.

Will the calendar change or will there be an extension?

Unlike the fiscal process to file the declaration and pay taxes for 2020 -which was carried out in 2021-, this year the so-called internal revenue service plans to comply with its fiscal calendar without major changes and establishes it so that the public does not stay with the idea of ​​what happened last year.

However, there remains the possibility of a modification in the dates if the cases of COVID-19 contagion skyrocket and cause problems of the magnitude of previous years.

Taxpayers are made aware that they may request an extension to file their tax return, which the IRS will inform in a timely manner. In these cases, the deadline would be October 17, 2022.

Last year's calendar was modified by the Economic Rescue Plan and the closing of IRS offices and the deadline was changed from April 15 to May 17.

On its Internet portal, the IRS offers assistance to the user public 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a variety of online tools to help taxpayers with common tax questions.

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