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These are the payment dates of the second golden stimulus according to zip code in California.

LOS ANGELES, California.- The second round of the golden economic stimulus will begin to arrive in early September and eligible people will receive $ 600 and $ 500 for children in California.

The California Tax Board (FTB) reported that the first payments will be processed from September 1 and will be those sent as direct deposit to the bank accounts of the people who chose that method when they filed their state taxes.

Individuals who receive their state tax refund via physical check will receive their payments based on the zip code of their residence. "Payments will come out for the last 3 digits of the zip code on your 2020 tax return. Some payments may need more time to process and ensure accuracy and completeness," the FTB reported on its official website.

Payments will be made on the following dates:

For the last three digits of the zip code 000-044: from 06/10/2021 to 10/27/2021

For the last three digits of the postal code 045-220: from 10/18/2021 to 11/05/2021

For the last three digits of the zip code 221-375: from 1/11/2021 to 19/11/2021

For the last three digits of the zip code 376-584: from 11/15/2021 to 12/03/2021

For the last three digits of the 585-719 zip code: from 11/29/2021 to 12/17/2021

For the last three digits of the 720-927 zip code: from 12/13/2021 to 12/31/2021

For the last three digits of the 928-999 zip code: from 12/27/2021 to 1/11/2022

Finance expert Carlos Guamán explained that "all people who earn less than $ 75,000, or families that earn less than $ 75,000 will qualify for this second stimulus check from the state of California, which falls very well. right now we are reactivating the economy. "

The FTB recalled that people who file taxes in California until October 15, 2021, may be eligible to receive the second economic stimulus.

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